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Hi lovely, this is Luminous Assembly

Luminous Assembly was created with the idea to build a fashion brand with the purpose to brighten up women's lives.
We are a family owned start-up from Henley Beach, South Australia with a big vision to create a brand that creates a positive impact on both our customers and women in need.
Our first collection of beautiful leather heels were designed to make you shine, feel happy, fearless and fabulous.
And with every purchase, Luminous Assembly donates an amount to selected charities to help girls and women in need. 
Imagine this.
You have prepped for that pitch meeting with a new client or your company’s exec team, you are wearing your favourite power suit with your new Maya Pumps in Sunshine Yellow. 
You feel fearless, you feel fabulous, you feel ready and...you nail the presentation.
Or you may be a busy mum that, finally, has a girls' night out.
You choose that awesome dress you haven’t worn in years with your Lola Sandals in Hot Red... you end up having a blast!
We find the saying "Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world" very true!
Our goal is to make you feel beautiful and awesome and at the same time know that your purchase is helping other sisters in need. One pair of heels at a time.

Starting little but aiming high- our corporate social responsibility

One of Luminous Assembly's core values is simply "do good". Here are some of the little things we are doing to live by this value.
Supporting girl's education
Through The Smith Family we are proud to sponsor young women living in disadvantage so that they can get the most out of their education.
The Smith Family believes that supporting a child's education is the best way to help break the cycle of poverty.
We believe in this too. Every pair of Luminous Assembly heels that you wear will help The Smith Family to support these students to reach their full potential. 
Caring for the environment
Our preferred Australian courier, Australian Post, is well known for their social purpose and commitment to the community. You can find out more about what they are doing in their website.
We have also chosen some of eco-friendly items in our packaging such as paper tissue, postcards and stickers. This is something that we will continue to work on so all of our packaging in the future becomes environmentally sustainable. Stay tuned!
Ethical suppliers 
A lot of time and work was spent ensuring that our suppliers have and implement ethical working conditions. Our manufacturer has been independently audited as having no child-labour and a strict anti child-labour policy, fair wages according to local laws, no forced labour, and mutually agreed fair working hours.