Be Your Own Valentine. You, Gorgeous You

Hi gorgeous,

Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

For some of you it's just another commercialized festivity and not your thing. 

For others is about celebrating love and friendship. 

To me is not necessarily about a couple's love but general love towards your family, your friends, your partner, your dog, yourself! 

Whilst every day is always a day to celebrate love and friendship this day is the perfect excuse to do it on a bigger way. 

The thing is, sometimes we may put too much pressure on OTHERS to make this day special for us that we forget that we don't need to rely on others to make it special! 

Here are three ways you can spoil yourself this Valentine's day and tell your gorgeous self how much you love YOU!

1) Embrace your own blessings and happiness

It's all about your own mindset. 

Let go of any negativity and focus on the positive. 

Count all the things around you that you should feel blessed about.

What makes you happy right now?


2) Tell yourself how much You love You!

Ok this one is a difficult one.

Specially as women, we tend to do exactly the opposite of this. I am too fat. I am too ugly. I am too tall. I am too short. I am too thin. I am not good enough. I could do better. Look at her she is amazing and I am not. 

Sometimes we are in this constant emotional battle with our own selves!

Today is the day to let go. Today is the day to tell yourself how beautiful you are (because you are). How amazing you are. To pat yourself in the back for all the things you are achieving or that you will achieve. 

Be kind to yourself.

Tell yourself "I love you"

3) Treat yourself to something special 

Rule number one of general happiness. Don't rely on others to make yours days special and don't expect anything. 

Maybe you have seen yourself leaving clues to your partner of things you want him/her to buy you.

Maybe you are expecting "x" or "y" to get you something.

I say, you are your own woman and you deserve to spoil yourself!!

Get yourself a massage, a new pair of earrings or what better than a new pair of heels!!

Happy Valentine's Day lovely!! 

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Let's be friends!






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