My name is Lili and I am the founder of Luminous Assembly. 

I live in Henley Beach South in Adelaide, Australia with my husband, two kids and our cute dog called Waffle. 

I love to wear heels when I go out. It makes me walk tall, feel confident and gorgeous.

This is exactly what I want for you. I believe in how our heels can make you feel inside. Like you can take on the world and feel fabulous.

I personally design and test all samples to carefully craft comfy heels! 


The idea of Luminous Assembly started at a party when I was wearing a very well known Aussie shoes brand. The heels were killing my feet!

This is when I thought "surely there can be better heels than this". After some research, basically the options were: beautiful shoes that hurt like crazy, or comfy shoes that don't look so great.

So I created Luminous Assembly with the idea of crafting comfy heels that also look stunning on you.

I called it 'Luminous' as I wanted our products to spark happiness and make women feel awesome. And Assembly - as all of us together, we are ultimately a group of power awesome confident women taking on the world and doing what makes us happy.

our small bits to do good


Our preferred Australian courier, Australia Post, is well known for their social purpose and commitment to the community.

We have also chosen some of eco-friendly items in our packaging such as paper tissue, postcards and stickers.

This is only the beginning. We have big dreams of making all our operations environmentally friendly.


A lot of time and work was spent ensuring that our suppliers have and implement ethical working conditions.

Our manufacturer has been independently audited as having no child-labour and a strict anti child-labour policy, fair wages according to local laws, no forced labour, and mutually agreed fair working hours.

get in touch

Shopping at Luminous Assembly means you are supporting a small Aussie family owned business. And with that comes the fact that we care for you like no other massive corporation would. If you have any questions, comments, feedback (good or bad!) you can always contact me directly:, via the chat icon or via this web form.

Lili xx | Founder Luminous Assembly

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