How to brigthen up your corporate outfits

Hi lovely,

I get it. You wake up every day to go to your 9-5 job (although sometimes it might be more like 9-9pm!) You spend most of your waking life at work.

You may be climbing the corporate ladder or you might have already made it!

Either way congrats on all your hard work!

Your corporate job requires you to look top notch all day.

You are probably wearing your typical black suits or navy dresses.

Why not brighten up your outfit with some colourful accessories like these gorgeous Sunshine Yellow High Heel Pumps

Stand out from the crowd and check out these ideas on how to add a spark of happiness to your day-to-day corporate outfits.


  • Corporate black dress  

Your go-to corporate outfit. Elegant and sophisticated.

Dress it up with a jacket or wear it on its own.

Pair it with these fabulous high heel pumps in sunshine yellow, blush pink or blue regal

High Heel Pumps in Sunshine Yellow - Luminous Assembly

Blush Pink High Heel Pumps - Luminous Assembly

Blue Regal High Heel Pumps Luminous Assembly


  •  Black pencil skirt with white shirt (with or without a jacket)

Elegant and feminine.

Take this outfit from your 9-5 job and beyond.

Wear it with a jacket at work during the day and without the jacket to your date night.

Pair it with our high heel pumps or mid heel sandals

Blush Pink High Heel Pumps - Luminous Assembly

Sunshine Yellow High Heel Pumps Luminous Assembly

Blue Regal High Heel Pumps Luminous Assembly

Mid heel aqua sandals Luminous Assembly


  • Black troussers + shirt

Easy and comfy combination for your next meeting. Pair with our regal blue high heel pumps

Blue regal high heel pumps Luminous Assembly


Brighten up your corporate outfit. And make sure you go and kick some corporate ass :P

Which one is your fav?

Lili xx



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