Celebrating our 1st year anniversary

Hi lovely,


If you haven't met me yet, I am Lili, the founder of Luminous Assembly.


You may have seen me "on the gram" :P showcasing our comfy heels.


Luminous Assembly Heels_Lili


I am writing this as we are celebrating Luminous Assembly's first anniversary this week.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO SO SO much for being part of this journey.


To my customers for believing in the brand.


To my returning customers for your continued support.


To my social media followers for liking, commenting and sharing our content.


I started the business with a purpose in mind: I wanted to create a brand to lift, empower and make women feel gorgeous with our heels whilst giving back to women in need.


My mission is to create heels that make you feel fearless but that are actually comfortable to wear.


This last year has certainly had its share of ups and downs. Half the year has been a global pandemic!  But the ups are the ones that keep me going, and the downs I take them as learnings and as a way to push me forward not backwards.


Some of my top moments have been:


  • A customer bought a pair of our heels when the first wave of coronavirus was in full swing. She told me that receiving my show-stopping heels had been a "beautiful ray of sunshine in these troubling times". This made me feel so happy that even through lockdowns we could make someone feel happiness and feel special.


  • A lovely customer bought a pair of heels and told me that these were her first heels EVER as she had recently lost 50kgs and before that she couldn't and didn't feel confident enough to wear heels. I felt privileged that she choose Luminous Assembly for this moment.


  • Another customer had recently lost her job due to the coronavirus. She had previously bought our Maya Pumps and had being looking at our Luna Pumps. Eventually she got some birthday money and decided she wanted to spend them in our boots. Again I felt so privileged and blessed that she decided to celebrate her birthday with a pair of Luminous Assembly heels.


  • Recently I had the boyfriend of a previous Luminous Assembly customer that told me that his girlfriend loved the first pair of heels she got with us so he wanted to get another pair as a surprise for her. After a few emails back and forth he got them and his girlfriend was so pleasantly surprised and happy!


  • I had a customer that, out of love for the pair of heels that she bought, posted about Luminous Assembly in a big Facebook group (without me asking for this). I felt so happy that my brand could be shared to a wider group with a true customer testimonial.


  • I have had multiple customers send me messages or testimonials telling me that my heels have made them feel sexy, confident, like a boss, empowered and fabulous. The beauty in these type of messages is that this is exactly why I created this brand. To read that this is how my customers are feeling is definitely a highlight of the year.


I can keep on going with many more! You can read more of the amazing reviews I am so THANKFUL for here.


If there is one thing that you can be certain is that my number one priority is that you love our shoes and that you get the best customer service. From purchase through unboxing.


I truly care for every single one of Luminous Assembly's customers.


THANK YOU again for being part of this journey.


PLEASE tell your friends and family about LUMINOUS ASSEMBLY. Tag them, comment, like, share our content to help us grow the brand.





And if you have any comments you can always come directly to me via lili@luminousassembly.com.au


Lili xx

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