4 Tips To Colour Block Your Way To Fabulous

Hi lovely

Do you remember that colour-blocking trend from 2011? It’s coming back in 2019!

To be honest, even if it was not “fashionable” I feel using colours to stand out from the crowd is always fabulous!

Colour-blocking it’s basically adding 2 or more colours to create a bold outfit. Let’s have a look at how at some examples.  

Colour Blocking Beyonce 

Source: SydneStyle 

Colour Blocking Victoria Beckham
Source: Vogue 


Colour Blocking Megan Markle 

Source: Latestly

Here is how you do it:

 1) If you want to start on the safer side, you can choose a black, white or neutral shade and add a pop of colour to it. 

Colour Blocking Solance

Source: Whowhatwear 

2) To move up a notch on your colour-blocking, choose two or more colours. If you look at the colour wheel below, you can choose two or more colours that are opposite each other, or that are close to each other. For example orange, red and pink are close to each other or purple and green which are opposite.

Source: egcprod

 3) Make sure you add colour accessories to your outfit to complete your look. Like shoes, handbags or earrings.

Sunshine Yellow High Heel PumpsSource: Luminous Assembly

Mid Heel Sandals AquaSource: Luminous Assembly

 4) Whatever you do, choose whatever colours you like that would suit your skin but most importantly that make you feel fabulous. Use colours that make you feel happy. It’s all about how these can make you feel!

Have fun mixing and matching colours!

Lili xx




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