Dress up for Spring fancy events like a boss

Warmer weather is finally here!

With social distancing slowly lifting up across Australia, those fancy Spring events are starting to pop back in again. 

And we are not going to complain about that!... These parties (whether it may be a wedding, an engagement party or a Spring carnival race) are the perfect occasion to treat yourself to a new outfit and of course also a new pair of showstopping heels.

Check out some gorgeous dresses pair from David Jones paired with our mid-heels and high heels comfy shoes to take inspiration from!

Luminous Assembly Lola Sandals Mid Heels

Luminous Assembly Maya Pumps High Heels

  • Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd with multiple colours. The aqua in the mid heel sandals perfectly match the aqua in the dress. 

Luminous Assembly Lola Sandals Mid Heels

  • Even in the warmer months, the evenings can get a bit chilly. These outfit it's cool enough for the day and perfect to take you to the evening without needing an extra jacket. Our Luna boots are also sooooo comfy you can dance all day and night. 

Luminous Assembly Mid Heel Boots

  • Pretty in pink!! Using different shades of the same colour is also a good idea for your spring event. In this case we have paired this amazing pink dress with our Maya Pumps in Blush Pink

Luminous Assembly High Heels

  • Everyone will be looking at you in envy with these showstopping dress and heels!

Luminous Assembly Heels

Hope you love these spring fashion ideas!


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