How to style our gorgeous blush pink leather high heels

Hi lovely,

We are biased but we are in love with our best sellers the Maya Pumps High Heels in Blush Pink

Here is a photo of one of the heels:

High heel pump in pink

With such a pretty shade of pink and a comfy high heel stiletto you are sure to look both feminine and ass kicking all at the same time! 

This shade of pink heels can be matched with a variety of outfit colours.

You could style them with other hues of stronger pink, with other light pink colours, with pastel colours, with metallic shades like silver, gold and rose gold, your typical white and black, honestly must colours will go with them!

Here are a few ideas on how to style this gorgeous hue of pink heels.


Pretty in pink

These are not our heels but the colour is similar, you can see how a soft pink heel can beautifully go with a soft pink outfit.

Pink high heels - Maya Pumps - Luminous Assembly

Photo credit: avenue sixty

The below are our pink heels and this is just another gorgeous example of an all pink outfit. 

Pink heels - high heels - maya pumps


Jeans plus white, black or grey shirt

Another perfect combination. Jeans are actually my favourite garment as they beautifully match with anything. Here you can see how you can create casual but ass kicking outfits in combination with our pink heels. 

 Pink High Heel Pumps Luminous Assembly


 Luminous Assembly Pink High Heel Pumps


Pastels, black and white

This colour palette that includes a blush pink like our heels just gives you an idea how you can mix it with other pastel colours. Add black and white to the mix and make look even better! 

Combination of pink with other colours

Photo credit: Nuraqilah Syuhaida

White + black

You can never go wrong with simply a white and black outfit! Together with our blush pink high heels make just the perfect combo. 


Luminous Assembly Pink High Heels Maya Pump


Pink + Red

The below just shows you how you instead of wearing a pink blazer you could be wearing our Blush Pink High Heels with a red dress or red pants and be a showstopper!




Honestly I can keep on with all the colours that match our Maya Pumps - High Heels in Blush Pink. Obsessed 💗

Luminous Assembly Pink High Heels Maya Pump

This is what one of our customers had to say about these shoes:

"I've never had a pair of heels so comfortable! Absolutely amazing, especially as I have wide feet and struggle to find pumps that don't leave me crippled by the end of the day. Not only were these very easy to wear all day they look gorgeous. The perfect power pump while still looking pretty. The service from purchase to unboxing was also fantastic!", Miranda. 


And just today I found a video a customer posted on Insta of our shoes with this post copy "Shoe obsessed <heart emoticon> they even have memory foam cushioning I'm actually in love", Sarah. 


Seriously love to hear that our customers are as in love with these heels as we are!!


You can check them out here.


Lili | Luminous Assembly


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