10 ways to keep you sane and brighten up your day in current COVID-19 times

Hi lovely, 

I get it. We are living unprecedented times with all the changes, uncertainty and sadness COVID-19 has brought to our lives.

But we are in this together. And as cheesy as it may sound this quote rings true right now:

"After the rain comes the rainbow"

This will pass. 

I am hopeful we will come out of it stronger and wiser. 

Knowing what really matters in life.





In the meantime here are my top 10 tips to keep sane in such uncertain times when self-isolation and social distancing seems so hard to keep up with.


1. Keep in touch with love ones - via video calls of course.

Whastapp, Messenger, Zoom, Skype its just a few of the technology we have at our dispose to be able to chat to our friends and family. 

Laugh with them, cry with them, whatever it is staying in touch will remind you that you are not alone. 


2. Go outside for at least 30mins - obviously keep social distancing.

Keep the endorphins flowing by taking a walk to the park or going for a bike ride with the family. 

Remember that social distancing is important so keep the distance but it's important we take some much needed Vitamin D on a daily basis.


3. Read a book.

You may have not had any time before to read a book. Now is the time!


4. Create your own at home spa.

Google how to create a home facial mask. Do it.

Put it on your face and close your eyes for 20mins. 

Maybe ask your partner or kids or the cat to give you a fit massage whilst doing it!


5. Find an online exercise routine

You don't even need to pay for this. Just go to You Tube and google something you like.

Just get yourself moving. 


6. Learn something new 

The online world is full of possibilities for you.

Is there anything that you always wanted to learn but haven't got to it.

It could be anything really. Maybe a cooking lesson, a professional skill you want or how to learn to play the guitar.  


7. Get some quality time with the people living with you 

Whether is your own family, your partner, or your roomates.

As we spend more time at home this is the perfect time to do some quality activities together.

Play a game together, watch a movie snuggling together, go through old photos, make a bucket list or a list of places you want to visit in the future,  


8. Take a daily shower and dress up

Whilst we are at home all day it may be easy to think we don't need to take a shower.

But please do.

Take a shower, put some deodorant, put some perfume and dress up. 

Even if you are just at home taking a shower and dressing up will make you feel better!


9. Have a glass of wine

I am not going to go and encourage people to drink but at the same time I feel is perfectly ok to have a glass of wine to wind down if you need to. 


10. Tell yourself is ok not to be perfect in everything you are doing right now.

For example, if you are home schooling don't worry about your kids doing every single homework and every single class. Don't worry about having a rigid structure. Don't worry about keeping up and stressing and yelling. Give yourself a break. All your kids need right now is feeling loved and safe.

If you see all your friends on social media posting pictures about their own at home activities and you feel you can't keep up with it all. It's fine. It's ok if every now and then you feel like just doing nothing. 

Be kind. xx



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