4 tips to making working from home work for you

Picture this.

You have been working from home. It is now the new normal. For at least a little while it will continue to be like this. 

You are watching Netflix until 2am because you know you don't have to wake up as early to commute to work.

Roll off the bed 10mins before your first meeting.

Go the toilet. You brush your teeth. You call into the meeting.

You make sure your zoom video is off cause you literally just woke up.

Still in your pijamas you are checking your emails.

In between zoom meetings (obviously video off!) you go to your kitchen and get snacks. Lots of snacks. 

By 4pm you are ready for a glass of wine. Still in your pijamas. 

You finish work and are ready for the next Netflix marathon. 

If you have kids and working from home, imagine all of the above plus "home-schooling" your kids as well.

I get it! Working from home is not easy and it can become "comfortable".


Here are my top tips so that your WFH doesn't become a WTF moment for you :).

1. Take a shower and dress up

Sounds like a duh comment but honestly, wfh is so comfortable that sometimes not taking a shower is the easiest thing to do. 

You don't have to dress up all corporate but at least put on some decent clothes. 

Depending on my meetings for the day I must admit I sometimes keep my gym gear (after showering, putting on tiny bit of make up and some perfume) just so that I make myself exercise at some point in the day. Then I take a shower post exercise as well.

But if you are in a lot of zoom meetings or, honestly just in general, dressing up even a little bit will make you feel better.

Sometimes I like wearing my Luminous Assembly heels even if just to go to the kitchen. It brighten ups my day somehow. 

This is me wearing my gym gear with my heels at my home office. You can of course swap the gym gear for some more dressy clothes if you want to! 

Luminous Assembly At Home Office and Heels Outfit


2.Set up your home office

The first week that I knew I needed to work full time at home I made sure to connect all the tech necessary - I bought a cable for my monitor and connected to my laptop so I could have two screens, connected a separate key board and mouse and set up a laptop stand. 

Getting a comfortable chair is also recommended. 

I set up some some plants around my desk and cleaned it all up to make sure it was all perfect for how I wanted my desk to be.

Make your own perfect home office oasis.  


3. Keep up the virtual connections with your colleagues

This was me during a zoom meeting last week. 

Luminous Assembly Working from Home Face

Doing silly things like the above, making sure to connect with your colleagues via video, and even chatting via Teams and sharing memes are all an essential part of keeping up with the Kardashians....sorry keeping up with your colleagues! 


4. Take some time during the day to relax

Working from home has lots of advantages like not having to commute for an hour to go to work but it can also mean that you may be working longer hours.

Make sure to log off when you need to log off, not hours later.

Make sure to take a break. Grab lunch. Go for a walk in your lunch break. 

This is me taking sometime to keep up with the Minecraft game my son plays during my wfh day: 

Luminous Assembly Heels Playing whilst Working from Home


Working from home may be hard for some but YOU.CAN.DO.THIS.

Setting yourself up with your best you and your best work space and your best mindframe is the best way to keep you thriving whilst working from home. 


P.S Luminous Assembly is open for business.

If you feel like getting your going out outfit ready with our amazing showstopping comfy heels for when we get out of isolation (or simply to brighten up your day whilst going to the kitchen to grab a snack) we are here for you :)

Sending lots of virtual hugs to everyone.

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Lili xx


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